Rethinking DMO

The situation with COVID-19 is pushing the tourism consulting companies conduct webinars. This is especially useful for DMOs and other companies responsible for tourism in their countries. Moreover, they have time for self-education and rethinking their activities.

Florian Bauhuber, Director of Tourismuszukunft, shared his opinion and some information on the ongoing webinars

We agree with his opinion on the following issues:

1. DMOs should become managing, not marketing organizations.

2. Co-creation and cooperation of all parties interested in tourism.

A tourist visiting a destination expects a range of services from different suppliers: DMOs, hotels, transport, restaurants, etc. The number of tourists and their satisfaction depends on coordination between the all tourism organizations, including their online cooperation. This was repeatedly mentioned by recognized authority in the field of digital tourism, Professor Bukhalis. 

3. Creativity or know-how.

This is a huge topic that we plan to analyze on our portal in more detail. Since tourism is an area that first of all provides a tourist with impressions, broadcasting original content through various means, including digital ones, is vitally important for attracting tourists. Destinations and tourism businesses should generate a special kind of information that will give novelty and fresh impressions to a potential tourist, even who has not yet arrived. If we talk about digital media, social networks and search engines, they are increasingly paying attention to the content of pages and web sites, and ranking it precisely by the degree of engagement.

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