Travel Bloggers and Coronavirus

The situation with the viral pandemic has particularly affected the travel industry and all those associated with it, particularly travel bloggers.

What a travel blogger can do being isolated and unable to travel?

In our opinion, now it is the right time to improve your blog or website.

Here’s what we recommend to do:

Finally, install Google analytics and learn how to use it.

Only this service will allow you to evaluate the quality of traffic visiting your website or blog and better understand – what people read, how much time they spend on your blog, from which countries they are, what articles are more popular.

Learning this is pretty simple. There is a very detailed help section here.

Connect to an affiliate marketing network.

It’s known that the main source of their income is paid stories about tours or hotels. However, due to the recession of the industry, these incomes are declining, so affiliate marketing tools can become an additional source of blog monetization.

Moreover, in connection with the world situation, after the end of the pandemic, the number of online reservations and sales of tourism products is expected to increase, as this reduces contact and the risk of getting the virus when going to a cashier or tour company.

You can register on Travelpayouts using the link  and select the appropriate affiliate programs – for example, selling air tickets or hotel bookings. You will receive affiliate links with a personal marker and you can install on your blog the search forms for airline tickets, hotels, car rentals and much more. If a visitor goes to the affiliate site from your blog and buys something, you get a commission.

Do your blog’s SEO once more.

Connect and learn some kind of SEO platform, for example Serpstat. You will receive additional information about your blog’s SEO, possible errors, as well as the information about competitors.

Do a lot more useful things.

Check the blog for download speed and technical errors, sign up for free online internet marketing courses – they are now very numerous, arrange your accounts on social networks, develop a content plan and check your content policy.

All the news is here.