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Opinions of scientists and experts in the field of Smart Tourism. Interviews, articles, researches.

The Importance of Content in Tourism
The psychological aspect plays a vital role in modern travel. Before making a decision, a potential tourist necessarily evaluates the
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What Will Be the World of Tourism After a Pandemic?
Dr. Elinor Garely shares his thoughts from all points of view, and for different tourism industries:  It is obvious
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About Open Data in Tourism
Dirk Rogl, a renowned tourism digitalization specialist, talks about open data He revealed an interesting contradiction. The open data
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A Look at the Future of Tourism
Leonid Marmer, general director of Amadeus – Information Technologies LLC shared his view on the future of tourism with
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Doug Lansky on Tourism of the Future
World famous travel expert Doug Lansky made a presentation at the TEDx event. The performance is divided into two
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More About Sustainable Tourism
In her article a tourism expert Dr Hayley Stainton explains in detail what sustainable tourism is: The main idea
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