A Trend for Virtual Tours

Skift published an article where tourism experts shared their views on virtual tours made by many businesses during the pandemic.

For some of them – this is an additional marketing tool, for others – a way of survival.

Some experts in the tourism field are rather skeptical because they do not see virtual tours as a source of income in the long run.

In our opinion, virtual tours that can be helpful after the pandemic and be used constantly in the current activities of destinations, tour businesses and even museums are really good.

In our opinion, audio guides on the izi.TRAVEL platform have such features. Being opened on a computer – it is a virtual tour, and being downloaded to a smartphone as an application – it turns into a GPS or QR audio guide. 

With our experience in the audio guides production on this platform, we are ready to help any destination in making such tours.

Also, the article highlights issues related to the stages of post-crisis restoration of travel industry.

All the news is here.