Augmented Tourism in Barcelona

The 5G AR (augmented reality) pilot was tested on the Barcelona tourist bus. Digital content is projected onto the front window of the vehicle, superimposed on the landmarks and landscape while touring.. Tourists can interact with the touch screen for more information on attractions and monuments.

Read the article about it here.

There is no doubt that for the tourism development it is necessary to master new technologies and invest in them. Many countries believe that the 5G introduction solves the problem of smart tourism and they can immediately discuss about Smart cities and Smart destinations. But in our opinion, It is useful to remember that only technology is not enough, because the problems are mainly not in communication, but in content, or rather, its quality.

Any AR will be completely useless if it doesn’t interest the user, if the content transmitted even at a very high speed doesn’t attract the tourist, or it is not clear because of the language barrier.

A new high-speed connection is good, but there are more urgent problems that should be addressed. For example:

  1. The language barrier in museums and destinations, the lack of online tourist content.
  2. Incomplete information about travel businesses on the Internet.

To solve these two problems, there is no need in large investments, we can solve them comprehensively (technologies + content):

  1. Production of mobile audio guides
  2. Online checking of destinations                          

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