Deep Learning in Tourism

Deep Learning in Tourism.

Tourism is one of the fastest changing and developing industries. A lot of new services appear every day, if earlier they all tried to satisfy customers’ needs, now their main goal is to satisfy customers’ wishes and expectations.

Deep learning is a method of machine learning. Deep learning allows you to train a model to predict the outcome by a set of input data. This is a kind of AI. Thanks to it, the system learns to recognize patterns, develop skills and knowledge to improve, and do most of the work on their own. Now, deep learning systems are widely used in tourism as the modern industry goes online. Ten years ago platforms like TripAdvisor sent recommendations to the groups of travelers, according to their common features like age, location, gender etc. Now, thanks to deep learning, they can advice you a travel considering your personal preferences like favorite food, activities and many other factors. For a long period of time travel recommendation systems were becoming more narrow, and finally they can send individual advices.

In general, smart tourism is perfectly in sync with this technology’s development. The main goal of smart tourism is to make simple the process of getting touristic services through the internet, on any language, in any part of the world.

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