Digital Travelers’ Hard Choices

TourismReview published an article that shows the main changes which already happened in the field of tourist behaviour. There are 3 main changes: “Multiple choice”, “Cross platform”, and “Search buying”.

The article touches on ‘the paradox of choice’ – in the modern world we have so much suggestions from everywhere that it is very difficult to make a choice. But, we think, in the nearest future search algorithms and AI will make a choice for us. They will consider everything – what we like to eat, our hobbies, tastes in music etc., and offer a perfect travel.

As for cross-platform, it once again confirms that in the modern digital world, the sites of DMOs, airlines, hotels should work on all devices. If this condition is met, ultimately, tourists plan longer and more expensive trips.

Quite unexpectedly, tourists buy faster and more willingly right from the search results, without going to the site. Perhaps, it is due to the fact that when a tourist found something through a search engine, he is afraid to lose this offer, while the site of a travel agency or hotel will not go anywhere. That is why, for DMOs, museums, hotels, the work of promoting sites in organic search is so important.


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