Digital technologies are multi present in our everyday lives, and have also found their way into museums. Today, almost all museum tasks are accomplished, or accompanied, by digital tools. Whether managing, researching, publishing, exhibiting, communicating or participating, digital tools can significantly support the work of museums and strengthen the public exchange.

A few years ago, digitalization in museums was primarily understood as digital object registration. So museums often perceived it as a new additional task for their operations. Today, the development of digital strategies has become a cross-sectional task, which has influenced and changed the entire operating system of a museum in all its areas. Digitalization offers the museums numerous opportunities. It not only makes exhibits accessible to everyone, but also objects and stories, dormant in the depots and archives, become accessible and visible to the general public and research. Digitalization creates new spaces for exchange to enable more participation and interaction with the audience. Especially in times of crisis, such as the coronavirus-related closure of museums, digitalization continues to give people the opportunity to exchange ideas and bring the museum home. Numerous formats offer different approaches, and show how creative museums are.

Digitalization in the museum make people curious, it arouses their curiosity about more knowledge, more stories, more insights and, finally, about the first and following visits to the museum. As is often the case, it’s all about the mix. The mix of analogue and digital. The coronavirus outbreak has shown us how diverse the digital offerings can be: entertaining, educational and inspiring. At the same time, it becomes clear how important it is to visit the “analogue” museum, the physical experience in the museum, meeting with the original and tangible museum space. Digitalization is not a substitute for “analogue” museum visits, it is an important addition.

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