Emadri – the New Packing Experience

One of the hottest startups of 2020 Emadri offers packing lists and on-trip activities for travelers. In the interview the company shares the history of its creation and future plans. Read it here.

We think this service is necessary because it will make travel easier by connecting travelers with a fun community of travel services. They also focus on content and community building for travel-related brands.

Moreover, the company picked up on a trend for integration of various tourist goods and services necessary while traveling. Various services that integrate hotel reservations, car rental, events, shopping in one place are constantly appearing, so a tourist planning a trip experiences as much convenience as possible. Perhaps the experience of this company will be useful to DMOs and tour agencies, who can also integrate some related tourism products with their main services.In addition to directly supporting travelers on their travel, the company also contributes to the overall travel industry with revenue, advertising, and assisting travel industry leaders in emerging and established markets with continued technology development and adoption.

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