Future Technologies in Tourism

The article talks about how technology affects the tourism industry. Every year, machines learn to perform more and more “human” tasks. There are examples of chat bots as round-the-clock assistants capable of performing various tasks and even conducting transactions; face recognition, as a promising technology that in the future will significantly accelerate security procedures at airports and hotels; virtual and augmented reality, as a marketing tool, “live” demonstrating the destination; The Internet of things, as a link between devices, systems and processes, allowing travelers to get the most individual experience.

We think that the article provides really good examples. Especially the fact that virtual reality is presented not as a full alternative to travel, but as a marketing tool to help plan a future trip. And also the idea that the Internet of the future, interconnecting billions of devices and systems, optimizes all the many levels of interaction in the tourism industry so well that it will allow us to individualize travel like never before. As for chat bots and face recognition systems, we think that a lot of time will pass before these systems learn to emotionally offer goods and services, working with objections, or learn to accurately identify trespassers.

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