Startup Akia is an AI platform that allows hotels to provide their guests with contactless options for registration, inquiries and interaction with hotel staff.

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There are already quite a lot of similar solutions, however, this kind of services are still paid, but most likely, online registration systems will become free due to increasing competition, and they will probably earn on traffic, possibly selling additional hotel services.

In any case, the demand for contactless registration services will grow now, since front desk queues and contacts with hotel staff in common are unsafe due to the situation with coronavirus. And platforms like Akia make it possible to fully communicate with hotel staff without personal contact by using text messages.

However, most likely large hotel chains will make their own systems in order not to let their traffic go to the side; and small hotels will probably wait for a solution that is affordable and cost-effective, which should be simple, not require programming skills, integrate into any website and be understandable to both tourists and hotel staff.

It is possible that some large aggregator will offer a solution for small businesses, and in return will receive some information + some tourist traffic.

But naturally, this is only our opinion, although the benefits of such services for tourists should be recognized to save time and make a trip safer.

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