How Technology Helps Airline Customers in Crisis

We were interested in Nicholas Key’s article which shows not so much technology but the analysis of how airlines to not lose their customers loyalty during the Covid-19 crisis.

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This is when a Russian proverb comes to mind: “A friend is known in trouble.”

In times of uncertainty airlines should pay particular attention to informing their customers on which flights are delayed, how to get a refund, how to rebook their flight, what can be carried on board, what documents are necessary, etc.

Obviously, the aviation industry is massive, therefore airlines might not have enough resources to contact all customers, and a forgotten customer is a lost customer.

Moreover, the situation with closing and opening borders, changing rules and flights is developing very quickly, which makes it impossible to timely inform customers about changes.

And technologies like 15below can do a good job for both airlines and their customers – add confidence and reduce the uncertainty that everyone is tired of.

Similar crises happen periodically and, obviously, airlines must be prepared for this and maintain communication with their customers 24/7/365.

Such technologies correspond to our concept of smart tourism, when a smartphone and the Internet are enough for a tourist to travel.

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