Interactive Travel Restrictions Map

We welcome the creation of an interactive travel restrictions map, supported by IATA.

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As you can see, the map clearly shows the level of restrictions for each country.

And this also applies to smart tourism, when a tourist, before a trip or when choosing a destination, has complete information about what to expect upon arrival, and whether it is worth going to a particular country.

In times of crisis and pandemic, it is especially important that a tourist has all the necessary, reliable and constantly updated information available by one click.

In this case, IATA has proven itself as a leader in the aviation industry, which cares not only about its members and customers, but also ordinary tourists.

And a modern smart tourist is often not limited by one country, but visits several countries and it is at least inconvenient to search for travel restrictions on each country’s website when preparing a trip.

Creating and, most importantly, keeping these services up to date could be the number one task for other organizations associated with tourism, especially during crises and epidemics.

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