Japanese Startup Atta Shows Growth

Travel metasearches are already the part of traveler’s life. Millions of people book flights and hotels everyday. Of course, there is no shortage in worldwide and regional metasearch services. But startups in this field are also quite often.Since its launch in July 2019, japanese startup Atta helped save their travellers 1.275M USD in total. Recently they have received positive updates from shareholders and successfully got new investors such as Mitsubishi, Nagoya TV Ventures and others.

We think, to successfully compete in the of field of metasearches a company should have a clear strategy together with readiness to immediately adapt to market changes.What is more, the future of such companies is in the integration of various tourist goods and services to make a travel preparation more easy and quick. Such companies could contribute to the ecology and sustainable development of tourism by offering the tourist routes with minimal environmental impact. Also, they can interact with DMOs to offer tourists less popular destinations in order to redistribute tourist flows and reduce overtourism in certain regions.

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