Smart Tourism Reduces Infection Risks

Tourism is not going through the best of times because of the Covid-19 outbreak, but Smart Tourism technologies are very useful for people who plan an independent trip these days.

These technologies will help to avoid unnecessary contacts and, therefore, reduce the risk of coronavirus infection, since it is known that the best protection against the virus is social distance and minimization of physical contacts with other people.

Online booking technologies, Aviasales, GetYourGuide make it possible to buy almost all tourism products online without leaving your home, and, as a result, minimize contacts with other people – with cashiers, managers, and other tourists.

The Go to City service offers an interesting experience   with the remote sale of city passes to visit various museums and city sights independently, without queues and additional payments.

Many train and transport companies offer online ticket reservations and it also reduces contacts. Unfortunately, there are few services with a feature to book tickets around the world using one application or one web site, but perhaps this is a question of the future or an idea for startups. Although there are good examples here: Flixbus 

Ordering an online transfer from the airport is also not a problem, and it reduces contacts with dispatchers, administration, etc. For example, there is a HolidayTaxis service.

As for the travel itself, the Google Maps application will help you to navigate on your own without asking anyone for directions.

To minimize contacts with local residents and guides, a mobile application with audio guides is perfect. It contains a huge number of audio guides to cities and museums around the world. But first, DMOs and museums must order the production and provide content. Details here.

All these technologies have already been tested and work practically all over the world, however, DMOs should make sure that these and other services contain all the useful information.

You can evaluate the completeness and correctness of DMOs Internet activity with our checklist BIST (basic index of smart tourism) on a 100-point scale

We hope that the pandemic will end soon. But smart tourism has been and always will be a great way to travel independently and safer than other types of tourism.

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