Technology in Hotels

How coronavirus will push hotel technologies.

Hilton CEO Chris Nasetta shares his experience in implementing technology in the hotels of this network.

In particular, we would like to direct the readers’ attention to the experience of implementing the Hilton Honors application, which offers receiving e-keys and other functions, even ordering a taxi remotely.

In addition, Connected Room Hilton technology with various number management features was introduced.

Chris believes that a pandemic will only accelerate the implementation of similar technologies in the hotels life.

All of this is reasonable, but in our opinion, and from the point of view of smart tourism, hotels could do a little more in terms of providing guests with a unique tourist experience.

For example, before asking the staff about what they can see nearby, hotel guests often walk around the hotel in their free time.

This is not a perfect, and yet too subjective approach, although there is a ready-made solution. Hotels can order an automatic audio guide, so tourists can download it to their smartphones and walk around the hotel receiving information in a familiar language. It is not complicated and not expensive.

At the same time, a tourist minimizes communication with other people, which reduces the risk of infection.

And this is just one example of what hotels can do for their guests.

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