Technology Trends 2020

Asiaone posted Technology trends review in 2020. The main trends will be 5G networks, acceleration of AI, and cybersecurity.

We see promising outlook in 5G wide coverage. It allows to built complex systems with high-speed Internet, for example, Smart city projects where it is necessary to interconnect transport, emergency, living and public buildings with each other.

5G is also necessary for the development of smart tourism, because a modern tourist uses the Internet no less than a local resident, since he constantly checks the map, listens to audigides, looks for restaurants, etc. But of course, you should not forget to make the 5G service easily accessible to tourists by selling travel SIM cards or through roaming. And it should not be very expensive.

Development of AI and cybersecurity will also bring positive impact on Smart cities and Smart tourism. As technology moves forward, there are many opportunities for creating a really functioning Smart city. And there are huge opportunities, because AI can tell a tourist the least loaded regions, advise cheaper or more environmentally friendly routes. But, of course, it should primarily concern DMOs and those who make algorithms for AI.

Another issue is cybersecurity. In the field of tourism, there must be a balance between the openness and accessibility of data on the one hand and their safe use on the other. In the case of DMOs and museums, the situation is not very good, because insufficient information in the open access leads to insufficient number of visitors and tourists. In our opinion, all DMOs, museums, tourism organizations should decide which content should be publicly available, and then promote it online through all possible channels.

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