Tourism and Smart Technology After Coronavirus

After quarantine stops, the European countries that are most popular with tourists will use various smart technologies to reduce the risk of tourists becoming infected.

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Actually, modern technologies of smart tourism will greatly help in this matter, because they are maximally personalized and reduce the need for contacting with other people. For instance:

Online booking makes it possible to avoid queues and contacts with employees at the box office and other offices.

Audio guides allow tourists to walk wherever they want, completely independent of travel agents and guides.

Digital maps and guidebooks provide an opportunity to accurately find any objects without contacting anyone. It is true that the accuracy and completeness of the information directly depends on the DMOs and stakeholders who should take care of this in advance. However, they should pre-evaluate their current status.

In general, it is obvious that the habits developed during the coronavirus, particularly, the wider use of smart technologies, will force tourism organizations pay more attention to their online working and online customer service.

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