Virtual Travels Versus Real Ones

In our opinion, the excessive use of VR by tourism organizations does not make much sense for several reasons:

1. For many potential tourists, a virtual tour might not be an incentive to travel, but rather an alternative to a real trip. This might be an opportunity to avoid difficulties, as well as save money and time.

2. Its production is quite expensive, and in our opinion, during crises, when there is a lack of finance in the tourism sector, it makes sense to spend money on more urgent things, for example:

audio guides in different languages ​​for museums and city tours

patching up the online tools in your destination

3. VR and AR have nothing in common with the spirit of discovery and travel. Perhaps they can be used as attractions, simulators or marketing material, but they never replace real impressions.

You can find the support of our vision and some other considerations in the article posted on TravelDailyNews.

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