Why Content Should be Unique?

Tourism is an area where unique and inspiring content is very important, because tourists do not travel just to move from point to point, but to get a unique experience from the destination.

Unfortunately, many travel agencies, including DMOs and museums, often forget about it and do not pay attention to the quality of their content posted on the Internet, while giants like Google, Booking, Trip.com invest huge amounts of money in travel content. The works to improve the technological processing of content are also underway.

From our point of view, an integral part of the concept of smart tourism is the supply of relevant, personalized and unique content to a tourist, both before and during a trip. And here DMO mistakes are clearly visible.

Moreover, small travel organizations should also pay attention to the quality of their content.

The article by Dirk Rogl, who has been engaged in the digitalization of tourism for over 20 years, says about this issue.


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