News about current and future technologies and innovations in world tourism.

How Technology Helps Airline Customers in Crisis
We were interested in Nicholas Key’s article which shows not so much technology but the analysis of how airlines to
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WeChat vs All
A Chinese tourist represents a good potential for the global and, in particular, for the European tourism industry. Similarly, a
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Virtual Travels Versus Real Ones
In our opinion, the excessive use of VR by tourism organizations does not make much sense for several reasons: 1.
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Augmented Tourism in Barcelona
The 5G AR (augmented reality) pilot was tested on the Barcelona tourist bus. Digital content is projected onto the front
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A Trend for Virtual Tours
Skift published an article where tourism experts shared their views on virtual tours made by many businesses during the pandemic.
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Future Technologies in Tourism
The article talks about how technology affects the tourism industry. Every year, machines learn to perform more and more “human”
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