A New Vision of Post-Coronovirus Tourism

An interesting document was prepared by Chinese and Turkish researchers on the long-term impact of the coronovirus situation on Chinese tourism. The document says that tourism in China will move from mass to more individual, as the situation requires social distance. It is noted that Chinese tourists now instead of traditional group trips, will prefer more informed trips with a longer stay and more intense impressions. It means that in the near future, tourists will appreciate the quality of travels rather than their quantity.

Abhishek G Bhaya writes about it in his article, he also gives opinions of the co-authors of the paper – professor Metin Kozak and Dr. Wen Jun. 

It is likely that all world tourism will be affected by the situation mentioned in the article. In our opinion, in the current situation the development of Smart Tourism will become especially relevant. Digital technologies of Smart Tourism let you independently develop a route, book accommodation and transport, purchase tickets for all necessary events online. Thanks to virtual tours and audio guides, you can get acquainted in advance with information about attractions, choose your favorite tours and dispense with a guide and interpreter during the trip. Smart tourism perfectly meets both the requirements of social distance and thoughtful independent travel, where each tourist can make an individual scenario based on his preferences.

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