Modern Trends in the Ways of Traveling

The website TTRA (Travel and Tourism Research Association, USA) has published an interesting article for DMO executives on current trends in tourism, including tips on how to use them in the best way.

According to the publication, there are only 5 trends: 

Short weekend trips

Combining business travel with tourism

Family holiday

Food tourism

Instagram tourism growth 

These trends are widely known, but the novelty is that they give valuable advices to DMOs for their effective use.

We would like to add that since these types of trips have primacy over others, DMOs should consider what to do to make it easier and faster for travellers to find such tours. Actually, this is the trend towards the personalization of touristic products and offers. 

In particular, we would recommend the creation of mobile audio guides for weekend tours. Any traveller can download them to their smartphone and travel on their own, without guides assistance.

We hope that the leaders of touristic organizations and DMOs will find something for themselves in the recommendations: 

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