In our understanding, smart tourism is not only the introduction of technologies.  Much more important in smart tourism is the collaboration of stakeholders in the tourism business. We mean not only local business representatives of a particular destination.  It is equally important and useful for smart tourism when large international technology companies begin to cooperate with each other.

We will give some illustrative examples of such cooperation below.

HERE Mobility is now partnering with

HERE Mobility, the world’s leading transportation company, has received an additional booking option for customers., in its turn, has expanded the range of services.  Now, in addition to booking accommodation, customers can also book transportation services.

In addition to benefits for companies, there are obvious benefits for tourists who get the maximum seamless travel.  Travel planning becomes much easier.  Accommodation and transfer issues are resolved on one service.  There are no more problems with finding a taxi.  Also, the need for contacts with other people decreases, which is very important in the current situation.

The Italian VDA Group and Singapore-based Mankara have combined their digital developments in the hospitality industry.

Thanks to this cooperation, guests will be able to manage their stay at the hotel using a mobile application.  Lighting, shades, temperature, room service and entertainment will be controlled through a single, user-friendly graphical interface.

And one more example of cooperation between companies, now in the field of air travel.

Saber Corporation, a leading US software and technology company operating in the global travel industry and serving a wide range of travel companies, now works in conjunction with two Vietnamese airlines.

Thanks to such cooperation, a single integrated passenger platform is being created, which will provide increased efficiency and automation of sales and reservations.  It will not only help airlines maximize revenue opportunities and strengthen partnerships, but create the most efficient airport for travelers.

In conclusion, we would like to add that even small tourism businesses have the opportunity to collaborate with large technology companies.  And this cooperation benefits everyone – both businesses and ordinary tourists.  We do not even mean advertising, but the placement of information about an organisation and its services on platforms such as Tripadvizor, Google My Business, GetYourGuide and others. Particular attention should be given to the global mobile audio guide platform izi.Travel. Any travel business, DMO, museum or hotel cooperating with this platform can create its own audio guide, which will be available to millions of users of the izi.Travel mobile application.  You can create an audio guide independently or with the help of specialists with extensive practical experience.

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