Google is losing Ad Revenue

Skift published an article by Dennis Schaal on big advertisers reducing travel advertising costs on Google.

It seems natural, as people buy tours less, although the problem may be not so simple.

In the current situation, people spend more time online while sitting at home and, perhaps, OTAs like Booking and Expedia lose their customers or their loyalty, because they reduce their online advertising.

But right now, people are planning their future travels. What service they will use to buy tours is still unclear. Obviously the one who was with them during the crisis…

Perhaps, now is the time for small players? When large players ceased to warm up the advertising market and rates in the travel segment fell down, small tour businesses get the opportunity to inexpensively attract customers who have left the Internet giants.

It is also possible that Google will focus more on its own travel services (Google travel, Google Hotels, Google flight) during the crisis so the revenue will not depend on third-party OTAs.

Time will tell everything, however, we would draw the attention of small travel businesses and hotels to use this time to advantage and improve your Internet marketing.

We hope our open lessons will help.

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