Many cities attract tourists with their historic centers.

Thanks to historical original buildings and sights, such cities are essentially tourism destinations. Therefore, the tourist authorities of such cities, in order to receive more tourists in the future, often try to transform the central streets into pedestrian. For example, in Bristol.

This is a good initiative in terms of the development of smart tourism, because it gives a tourist experience and impression, as well as the atmosphere of destination. That is why most of smart tourists start their trips.

But in our opinion, it is not enough to make the city center pedestrian. You must also give a tourist the information about this place. A tourist must learn about its history and culture, otherwise the experience will be incomplete.

We can help any distance in the world. We can create an audio guide that any tourist can download to a smartphone and walk around the city, listening to stories in the native or familiar language.

Cities with similar audio guides take a step towards smart tourism, which undoubtedly is the future of the tourism industry.

In addition, the audio guides that we produce give destinations the opportunity for statistical analysis: which places are most visited, in which language people listen to stories more often, which attractions are most interesting for tourists, at what time, etc.

Ordering an audio guide is very simple. Just send us an email with the subject “Audio guide for the city of ….” and we will give you a price offer.

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