Innovation in the Hospitality Industry

TourismReview has published an article on innovations in the hospitality industry:

The primary focus is on transformation in the hotel business. In particular, the article talks about staff training, the emotional component in communicating with the client, both in marketing and service, the use of digital communication strategies, such as big data, augmented reality or artificial intelligence. All of these is undoubtedly correct. We also agree that the introduction of innovations requires an educational base. By the way, on our web site there are free lessons on the basics of Internet marketing.

We would like to add that most hotels, caring for their guests, completely miss the fact that these guests are mainly tourists and they need amenities, comfort and safety not only inside but also outside the hotel. Usually, when a tourist goes out he is left without the hotel’s support and has to interact with maps, guides, applications and other resources. But there is a simple opportunity to support your guest and guide him at least in the area of the hotel. This could be done by using a mobile audio guide based on the izi.Travel international mobile application. By downloading the application on a smartphone, a tourist can make tours using the audio guides created by the hotel. This will only increase his loyalty and add a positive impression of the service. Moreover, you can create such audio guides in different languages either independently or by contacting specialists.

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