The Impact of the Pandemic on Tourism

How does a pandemic affect various areas of the tourism industry?

Does forced isolation affect potential travelers?

How will the current processes affect tourism in general?

PhocusWire’s editor in chief Kevin May writes about these important issues in his article.

This topic is especially interesting for us, because the digital transformation of the society (the author writes about it in his article) will certainly affect the accelerated development of Smart Tourism. In conditions of forced isolation people learn to use online services, therefore service providers are forced to expand their online presence and learn to interact with their clients through various online services and mobile applications. In the field of tourism, the same processes take place. In our opinion, digitalization, both of preparing and traveling, will definitely become the standard, both for tourism businesses and most of the tourists. We are talking about online booking and buying tickets, virtual tours and mobile applications in the form of maps, guides, translators, audio guides, etc. All of these are the main components of Smart Tourism.

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