Quarantine is Not a Time of Inaction

PhocusWire has published an article with tips for service providers about what you can do now, at this difficult time for the benefit and support of your business. A very useful article, but we would add some more tips:

  1. Get your website under control. Right now, people are looking for where to go in the future.
  2. Do not give up work on social networks – this is where a large number of your potential customers spend their time right now.. Be in sight and when it is all over – people will choose you
  3. Check your content and prepare a new one. Solitude and focus help create quality content.
  4. Increase your customer base through the Internet, while competition is low and most people are online.
  5. Figure out and analyze your miscounts and failures during the pandemic to correct them in the future.
  6. Make an action plan in such situations. Perhaps this pandemic is not the last and you need to be prepared.

The article is here.

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