The article by a marketer provides estimates and forecasts for the future of tourism after the coronavirus.

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At the same time, it is especially emphasized that people will be more inclined to independent travel, and tourism marketing organizations should focus on attracting this particular type of tourists.

On the other hand, as we repeatedly noted on our portal, people are so used to online services during a pandemic that they will continue to use them in the future.

In other words, independent tourist is increasingly becoming a smart tourist.

As correctly noted in the article – destinations should be especially attentive to independent tourists, but what should this be? All the information about hotels, sights, tours, booking possibilities should be completely accessible online, that is, only a smartphone and the Internet should be enough for travel. By the way, local marketing organizations must finally solve the problem of tourist access to cheap high-speed Internet. Without this, a comfortable trip and a positive impression of the trip are already inconceivable.

But many tourism organizations simply do not know or do not understand what a smart tourist needs. And we are ready to help by conducting our check on compliance with smart tourism of any destination in the world.

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