One of the most popular marketing tools is considered to be advertising with influencers.

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However, according to some estimates, their influence is falling, and there are several reasons for this.

No blogger has a strictly defined target audience, that is, most bloggers work on the principle the more subscribers, the better. When the price tag for posting information with a blogger depends on the number of subscribers, it turns out that we pay for the dissemination of information to a very wide audience. At the same time, the problem of overtourism lies in the fact that due to massive advertising, random visitors who are not interested in local culture or history come to a destination, spend little money, etc.

Also, many people are beginning to realize that the information posted by bloggers is hidden, and often unhidden advertising. Today the public has a cautious, and sometimes negative, attitude to advertising.

Another reason is that mass advertising is currently poorly perceived by the public, which is why advertising on TV and in print media is losing ground. A similar movement occurs in online advertising, when banners on web sites begin to be annoying.

In our opinion, in order to advertise on blogs, a careful selection of a blogger is necessary. If today a blog is devoted to confectionery, and tomorrow to airlines, advertising is unlikely to be effective.

In addition, it is better to advertise not with popular bloggers, but with microinfluencers, who do not have many subscribers, but these subscribers are definitely included in the desired target audience.

But it’s most effective to use smart advertising, targeting very precisely the audience that may be interested in the advertised product or service. In the case of precise targeting, you can avoid reputational damages on the one hand, and reduce advertising costs on the other. Today, almost all well-known advertising systems are the distribution channels for such advertising: social networks, Google display networks, Yandex advertising network, etc.

We are sure that the advertisement of destinations, despite its specifics, should follow modern trends and shift more and more towards online. And skillful targeting, when the information is received exactly by those for whom it is intended, contributes to the development of smart tourism.

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