The Youngest Generation and Travel

The youngest generation born after 2010, also called Generation Alpha, has its influence on how their families make decisions about travels. Now, marketers try to understand how this generation will impact the future of travel. The article says that this generation is expected to be more educated, wealthier, and live longer than any generation before them. So it means great potential for the travel industry.

According to the research, majority of parents (95%) say that keeping their family entertained and happy is very important. Although families with Gen Alphas are cost-conscious, experience ultimately beats expense, as parents prioritize experiences and places the entire family can enjoy. Convenience is also more important than lowest price when selecting transportation and accommodations for family trips.

In general, we agree with the idea of the article. Indeed, the youngest generation is first who is familiar with gadgets and technologies since their birth. They can’t even imagine old offline methods of getting services. So it is a great potential for internet marketing and online services. But the trend of technology could be applied to all generations. Adults and older generation are also open to smart technologies. Smart tourism is aimed at all generations, its final goal is to ensure that for a comfortable trip, only a smartphone and the Internet are enough.

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