UNWTO together with ENAT have started cooperation in the field of tourism accessibility for people with disabilities. They have released a travel guide for destinations and DMOs with a basic set of recommendations to ensure that these tourists could travel with everything they need.

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We are convinced that tourism is a unique experience, and physical disabilities should not be a hindrance to get it.

From the point of view of smart tourism, it is necessary to provide a tourist with all the possibilities online, regardless of the health status.  For example, the audio guides that we offer are quite suitable for people with various disabilities.

People with hearing impairment can read the text on the smartphone screen, duplicating the voice of the speaker.

For people with visual impairments there are audio guides with audio commentary.

People moving in wheelchairs or the elderly can take the audio guide tour at an individual comfortable pace, which is very difficult for group excursions.

In general, tourism should bring joy and pleasure to people, regardless of their physical capabilities.  Therefore, destinations should pay special attention to people with disabilities, and provide information and content in a way that is convenient for them.

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