Tourism Impact Network by DTTT

The Digital Tourism Think Tank Initiative was created to provide leadership to the travel industry in advanced digital marketing solutions. The goal of DTTT is to make the industry and destinations think about the importance of digital transformation and use the multi-touchpoint path to contact with customers.

The Tourism Impact Network platform was created by DTTT in response to the negative impact of the epidemic. In a series of Tourism Impact podcasts, guests share their experiences, data, forecasts and visions on the industry in this difficult time. For example, in the podcast “Digital as the new “normal”, DTTT experts Matteo Landi, Edoardo Cantoni and others discussed the increasing number of virtual services from DMOs. Many DMOs have switched to a digital broadcasting strategy and started to offer more virtual tours and online services, and these efforts are mostly aimed at supporting local residents and businesses. The Virtual Helsinki project was cited as a successful example. The experts tried to find out how these trends will affect the industry, you can listen the discussion here.

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