Traveldailynews published an interview with Alexander Sapov, CEO about the behavior of tourists in the quarantine period.

In his opinion, the general trend of tourist behavior is shifting towards individual tourism, from group trips to private, from mass tours to individual. According to the author, such trips are safer from the point of view of tourists.

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In our opinion, this is a good trend, because an individual tourist considers his travel more responsibly, he studies the history of the place, and visits museums.

Obviously, such tourism is more expensive than group tourism, but it also has the positive side as a tourist spends more on destinations and does not overload the infrastructure, so DMOs could pay attention to the development of such tourism in their regions.

The article also mentions the fear of travelers to use public transport. This will obviously increase the demand for taxi services from tourists. In this situation, we would advise transport companies to take some measures to improve their service specifically for foreign tourists. These might be such steps as installing high-speed Internet access points in cars, and training drivers to communicate with foreigners through mobile translators applications. For companies involved in the transfer services, it would be advisable to equip the cars with mobile audio guides in order to provide tourists with the first acquaintance with the city. Perhaps, it would be reasonable to think about language courses for drivers.

These actions will correspond to the general trend of all industries: personalization, customization and the transition from a mass product to an individualized one.

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