Trends That Change the World of Travel

The website has recently published an article on 6 technological trends that change the world of travel. We we do not quite agree with it, however, our readers can familiarize themselves with it here.

What is wrong here in our opinion?

Let’s analyze in order all 6 trends:

1. The trend of the Internet of things (IoT). In our opinion, the described phenomena have little to do with both tourism and technology. The Internet of things is actually not a smart hotel or an airport, but the possibility of adjusting and receiving information about cars or mechanisms from the Internet in the broad sense. Let’s say IoT for a tourist could be a smart suitcase connected to the Internet, showing its location or transmitting an alarm.

2. Augmented and virtual reality (AR, VR). Generally speaking, a tourist does not go somewhere to put on virtual glasses or watch things on his / her smartphone. A tourist travels for new experiences and authentic artifacts and exhibits, which artificial reality cannot provide.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI). If we talk about chat bots, they are often stupid and useless and also make mistakes, which leads to fatal consequences in tourism. Although we agree with the authors that the use of AI is justified in advertising or analyzing the profiles of tourists, it can not be implemented in the field of bookings and orders. Well, maybe just a little at the stage of receiving orders.

4. Wi-Fi connection. Here we are in a complete agreement with the authors. Especially regarding connecting networks on the streets in cities to WiFi networks, because in any case roaming expenses and communication problems remain among the main sources of discomfort for tourists. So we would put this trend in the first place

5. Voice assistants. And here we fully agree. Actually, the tourist has busy eyes, arms and legs, but free ears. We would like to add: even not so much voice assistants, but audio guides.

In general, of course, it is a very interesting review, despite the fact that we still do not agree with everything in it.

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