What will Hinder the Recovery of Tourism?

A survey conducted by Travel Technology Europe before the global crisis already spoke about the volatility of the tourism industry and revealed a number of major problems. Moreover, 40% of respondents say that the problem is the lack of technological skills. And this is increasingly becoming a trend in the tourism industry, which is clearly already lagging behind other industries.

The survey results are here: https://www.citmagazine.com/article/1670181/7-biggest-challenges-facing-travel-industry

According to our observations, it is only part of the story. On the one hand, mighty leaders either just do not understand the technology, or misunderstand it. And it creates the complete ineffectiveness of technology implementation and budget overruns for tourism organizations.

On the other hand, new technologies and start-ups in the field of tourism are constantly appearing around the world, some of them are of little use for a tourist or even hinder him.

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We are confident that technology should serve people, particularly tourists, and make their trip comfortable and safe. This is our main goal and mission .

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