How to Prepare a Smartphone for Travel?

To get started – sign up for Google.

If you already have a Google account, you can install, delete and update applications on your phone or tablet.

Applications are programs made by various developers, specifically for mobile devices. These can be games, electronic maps and navigators, various timetables, guides to museums etc.

All applications are in a special store, called Google Play, however, unlike regular stores, most of the applications on it are free.

Installing the application is quite simple. Just find the Play Store icon and go to the store.

Above you will see a search form (circled in blue).

Enter the name of the application you need there, for example, izi.Travel — an audio guide application, and select search. You can also pronounce the name of application by selecting the microphone icon.

Now select the green button — Install. Some applications ask to accept their conditions before downloading.

After installation is finished, select Open and use the application.

Find the icon of the installed application on one of the desktops of your smartphone and move where it suits you.

You can also update or delete the application on Google Play. Go to the menu (circled in blue) and select My apps & games. Then select an application, update or delete it.

Try to go through the whole process yourself and you will find that installing applications is a snap.

If you use an iPhone, the process differs only in that the application store is called App Store. And instead of Google account, your account will be Apple ID.