Meaningful Tourism Center

Meaningful Tourism Center is a research and development organization based on a new approach to tourism known as Hedonic Sustainability.

Hedonic Sustainability focuses on the positive effects of sustainable development and on aligning the interests of all stakeholders involved. This approach does not provide for severe restrictions, prohibitions and rules that can spoil the mood of any traveler, but on the contrary, it implies an improvement in the tourist experience, the cognitive part of tourism and, ultimately, the pleasure of travel.

Meaningful Tourism is not about sacrifices and restrictions in order to achieve sustainable development. Instead, the center offers ways to create value for businesses and satisfy tourists by improving the quality and personalization of travel services.

Meaningful Tourism takes into account the interests of all participants in the tourism process: guests, hosts, employees, companies, governments and the environment.

At the heart of Meaningful Tourism Center is the simple idea that quality brings more value than quantity. In the case of tourism, this is the quality of the tourist experience, so that the tourist has unforgettable vivid impressions that he cannot but share with other people, which will bring additional conscious tourists to the destination.

Meaningful tourism is the next step forward for destinations and service providers, a paradigm developed by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt, founder of the Meaningful Tourism Center.

The Center is constantly working on the transition from the concepts of sustainable tourism and responsible tourism, which are perceived as some kind of restrictive measures and rules, to the concept of Meaningful Tourism, associated with pleasure, experiences, friendship, peace and economic development under the influence of tourism.

The center offers the following services: trainings, including online, offline training and consultations on Meaningful Tourism in destinations, development of special reports indicating the current state of affairs and recommendations for the implementation of Meaningful Tourism, as well as individual support for the implementation of approaches in destinations and businesses.

In our opinion, the development of smart tourism helps Meaningful Tourism, as it provides information channels between all sides of the tourism process and we, as a smart tourism center, share the ideas of Meaningful Tourism Center

Let’s start the journey together – this is the motto of the Meaningful Tourism Center

You can learn more about the work of the center here