The largest in size and population city in Germany is its capital. Berlin is a modern metropolis, important cultural and economic center of the EU, with rich and ancient history. This is one of the most interesting destinations in Europe for a tourist trip. People from all over the world come here for work, study and rest. Mixing architectural styles, traditions and cultures make Berlin dynamic and multifaceted.

Berlin is full of greenery and water. The third of its territory are parks, rivers, canals and lakes. By the number of channels and bridges Berlin is up there with Venice. Funnily enough, the locals consider the city ecologically unfavorable.

For art and culture lovers there are 175 museums and 150 theaters and concert halls. Each city district has a huge number of the unique historic monuments. Also well known festivals like Berlin Film festival, Theater festival and Jazzfest take place. Every day Berlin offers a lot of cultural events, exhibitions and performances. On Thursdays from 4pm all state museums have free entrance.

This city is the capital of culture as well as food and entertainment. There are thousands of restaurants, bars, clubs and discos. And prices are reasonable. Especially, if you go a little away from tourist area, you will be surprised by inexpensive prices in small family restaurants and local shops.

Winter in Berlin is not the best season. Summer is much better. And if you learn some basic phrases in German, you will easily find friends among locals.

Anyway, Berlin is a Smart City. Smart Tourism is very popular here. You can easily make a trip to this distinctive city yourself, and our website will help you.