Our Mission

The main mission of our Internet portal is to explain and educate tourists and tourism organizations on the practical application of smart tourism.

In fact, it is not difficult and accessible to anyone without special training.

The main task today is to achieve a correct understanding of smart tourism by all those involved in tourism activities: tourists, stakeholders, tourism authorities, DMOs and everyone who in one way or another deals with tourism.

Since smart tourism is a way of communication between tourists and tourism organizations in a broad sense, therefore, the way to fulfill our mission is precisely to educate and inform both sides of this process.

How do we fulfill our mission?

If as a result of our activities we will make any tourist feel at home in any destination, museum, hotel or city, and get any information remotely by “one click” on a phone or computer, and at the same time behave responsible consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals – we will consider our mission accomplished.