Our Mission

We are completely online tourist company concerned with digital and smart tourism.

For 3 years we have been consulting museums, hotels and other tourist companies on quality of their digital services and content for the needs of common tourists.

To make any tourist feel at home in any museum, hotel or city and have any information at “one click” distance on their phones.

We do free webinars on basics of Internet marketing and consult tourist companies worldwide to make them easy to find by tourists and be in demand.

We do consulting on basics of Internet marketing for museums, hotels, sightseeing tour agencies, tourist information centers and DMO.

Based on our 3 years experience in working with tourists and tourist companies we know well their needs and how to work on the Internet.

Based on this knowledge we consider tourist companies’ online publishing and offer common or individual recommendations on improving in this field.

We provide free and paid services according to simple rules. Group services and helping in self study – free, personal service and consultation – paid.

Our consultation mostly regards technical aspects of correctly operating web site or social networks and basics of Internet marketing.