Modern tourism is not only about moving between points or staying in a hotel.

This is more about getting unique impressions and experiences. We can get this experience from visiting museums, excursions, theaters, etc. In order not to stand in queues, there are special services that sell tickets for these activities and attractions.

Smart tourists are advised to buy tickets online because it helps organizations plan the number of visitors and avoid queues and overtourism, so tourists do not waste time in queues and plan their travel activities in advance. In addition, you can often save money and buy a tour or visit a museum cheaper than at the box office.

We will look at a few examples from the many services and online cash registers that sell the “What to do” categories.

Information disclosure. We are affiliated partners of several systems for searching and buying tickets. This means that if after visiting their page you buy or book something, we will receive a small reward. This reward does not increase the final price and you do not have to pay anything more than what is indicated on the site!

Recommendation. Before booking visits or buying tickets, we recommend that you check the prices and conditions on different sites and platforms. On different platforms, the same organization may offer different prices and conditions.


One of the most popular services that offers the widest range of activities, as well as tickets to theaters, museums and tours.

Using it is quite simple: just enter the city or country you are going to visit in the search box.

After entering the destination, a window will open where you can check the availability of tickets for the dates of the intended visit.

However, you can go down the page and see all the activities offered by category: entrance tickets, water adventures, food and drinks, guided tours, etc.

When you select an activity, a list of all activities corresponding to this category is displayed, for example, entrance tickets:

As you can see, 59 activities were found, located according to the recommendations of tourists. However, this list can be rearranged by selecting the appropriate item in the upper right corner “Sort by:”, for example, sorting by price if we want to save:

In addition, there are more precise filters on the left that can filter your activities by language, location, interests, and prices. Filters and different sorting modes allow you to save time that you spend on searching and selecting activities, and precisely select the right personalized offers.

Importantly, the service currently allows free cancellation of purchased tickets at least 24 hours before the start with a refund of the money spent.

Another advantage of Getyourguide, which is fully approved by Center Smart Tourism, is that the platform supports 19 different languages as of April 2022, which contributes to a better understanding of both the service itself and a positive tourist experience for tourists. The language selection button is located in the middle of the top of any page:

In general, Getyourguide is developing dynamically, and gives tourists the opportunity to pre-book almost any entertainment or visit without leaving home.

In addition to universal services, there are more specialized ones that carry out online booking or ticket sales for a less wide range of activities on a location or thematic basis. Below there are brief descriptions of these services. 

The service offers tickets to museums, shows and attractions around the world. It is the largest online ticketing platform in the world.

The platform has direct partnerships with all museums and attractions around the world and offers e-tickets, as well as allowing you to buy tickets for the same day even on the spot, standing in line using your smartphone.

Using the platform is also easy, just enter the destination in the search box and press the Enter button:

The platform specializes mainly in ticket sales for performances, theaters, concerts, etc.

Using it is also not difficult, just enter the name of the event or the artist in the search box, and the system will display all the events found:

A highly specialized platform for searching and booking outdoor adventures

Rakuten Travel Experiences 

The platform presents Asia’s best entertainment, tours and event tickets.

The site offers tickets at competitive prices for attractions, unique tours and trips, SIM cards and transfers.

Using the platform is also not difficult, just enter the destination in the search box: is an example of an Online Travel Agency (OTA) that, in addition to hotels and flights, also offers the search and booking of tickets and excursions. It can be convenient since hotels, flight tickets, museum tickets and other travel products are all on the same site.

It is enough to open the “Tours & Tickets” or “Attractions” tab and enter the name of the destination. A list of all the activities found in this destination will open, and they can then be sorted by rating, recommendations, and price. Sorting commands are located at the top of the list:

You can also select the activities you need according to various parameters, for example, by date or location, marking the filters on the left:

The platform works in 56 languages, making it universal and facilitating the widespread use of online smart tourism around the world. The language selection button is located at the top of any page:


As a result, we reviewed several online services and platforms that allow you to search, book and buy tickets to museums, entertainments, concerts, performances, and other attractions and activities remotely and in advance. The role of these platforms in the development of smart tourism is especially great, since they allow tourists to fill the trip with meaning and get the maximum personalized tourist experience in a limited period of travel without wasting time, while the organizers of the activity can get the maximum revenue and at the same time avoid queues and overtourism.