Many tourism organizations such as hotels, travel agencies, tour operators, guides, museums and even DMOs often do not know how to work effectively on the Internet and do not understand what smart tourism really is and how to build it in practice.



According to our concept, smart tourism is the interaction of tourism organizations and destinations with tourists via the Internet. The closer and stronger this interaction, the more effective the work on the Internet. If a tourist’s smartphone is enough to organize a full-fledged trip, this is real smart tourism.

Despite the apparent simplicity of this concept, smart tourism in the world is developing very slowly, and mainly due to the fact that tourism organizations lag behind modern trends.

We share our experience, developments and skills, so that tourism organizations, especially small ones, can understand the importance and benefits of smart tourism and apply its principles in daily activities with tangible benefits for themselves.

This will bring enormous benefits to ordinary tourists, make travels smarter, more interesting, sustainable and informative, and therefore will be beneficial to all organizations involved in serving and receiving tourists.

Smart tourism is essentially a state in which tourists require nothing but a smartphone and internet connection. The goal of smart tourism is for tourism organizations to provide useful and up-to-date information to tourists through the internet.

Services and Advices for Touristic Organizations

Based on our experience and developments, we produce various educational and methodical manuals.

To help travel organizations improve their online presence, we publish our open free lessons on the basics of Internet marketing.

We are always ready to work individually with any tourism organization.

Checking the current online state of tourism organizations and museums.

We constantly monitor technologies for their availability and applicability in the tourism business and share brief reviews with our readers.

Production of audio guides for museums and cities on the basis of mobile app turning any smartphone into portable audio guide.