Consultations on the basics of Internet marketing from Center Smart Tourism. Common and personalized recomendations on improving the work of web site and activity of social network. Use all functions of the Internet to help tourists to find you and make them happy!
Smart tourism is simply the process of getting touristic services online in any language all over the world. The aim of the touristic organizations becomes to make their services accessible and easy to use.

Services and Advices for Touristic Organizations

Production of audio guides for museums and cities on the basis of mobile app turning any smartphone into portable audio guide.

Checking the current online state of tourism organizations and museums.

Checking destinations by “Mystery shopper” for compliance with today’s
requirements of smart tourism.

Online webinars and advice on the basics of internet marketing.

Checking startups and online services for utility and necessity for tourists.

Recommendations on Internet marketing and the use of technology for travel