A Responsible Tourist

Everyone knows that the whole world is striving for sustainable development. This concerns both the current condition, and perhaps, the future of all mankind. Tourism, as a particularly mass activity, cannot stand aside, and the efforts of tourism organizations are bearing fruit. However, the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) becomes quite lengthy without the second participant in this process – a tourist.

Therefore, we have developed simple rules. that any tourist can follow. And if all the tourists in the world adhere to them, we hope that we will all be able to quickly improve the situation both on the whole Earth and in the tourism industry.

At the same time, given the total number of tourists on the planet, in the pre-pandemic era there were more than a billion a year, it becomes clear that the role of each tourist often becomes decisive in responding to modern global challenges.

The main problem in making all tourists more responsible is misunderstanding and lack of information, and in this section you will find our tips and recommendations – how to make your own travel more sustainable, environmentally friendly and safe for the tourist, the environment, the inhabitants of the destination and the planet as a whole. .

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Careful attitude to the environment in travel is called responsible tourism, and this definition applies not only specifically to ecotourism, but also to any other type.

For destinations, the economic component of tourism and the support of local residents is very important, so tourism should provide opportunities for earning money to locals in the first place.

A lot of attention is paid to ecology all over the world, but often it remains just words. But any tourist can do at least something to improve the environment.

The world produces a huge amount of garbage that contains toxic and non-degradable substances, and unfortunately, the tourism industry also adds some amount of such garbage.

Each destination has its own laws, ignorance of which does not relieve responsibility not only in the moral but also in the legal sense.

The health and safety of both tourists and those around them is one of the components of a successful and sustainable travel.