Each destination has its own laws, ignorance of which does not relieve responsibility not only in the moral but also in the legal sense.

Therefore, before traveling study the laws of the country you are going to.

Usually, the governments of all countries publish memos for tourists, which indicate the main laws that tourists violate. In addition, the Internet is full of publications by various bloggers who give practical advice on how not to violate the laws of the country. Usually, such memos are easy to find after a short search.

A query to a search engine might be: “Tourism Laws in ….., all that you should know”

For example, we are giving links to some reminders for tourists from different countries:




In addition, there are various international norms that cannot be violated, for example, the movement of large amounts of cash, the transport of drugs and illegal substances, the export of cultural and historical values, etc.

Also, in any country there are unwritten rules, the violation of which threatens with serious troubles with the locals.

Conclusions: before traveling, carefully and scrupulously study the rules and laws of the country you are going to enter.