In this section, we have already seen how to search and book traditional travel services such as accommodation, activities and transportation.

At the same time, the whole world of travel is developing towards smart tourism and this is reflected in the Internet.

More and more additional services that give comfort and confidence in travel can be booked online, and smart tourists can use them for the benefit of themselves, others, and the destination.

Below we have listed only some additional services that you can get online from the comfort of your home. However, by learning how to use these platforms, you can easily find other additional travel services, the number of which is growing every day.

Information disclosure. We are affiliated partners of several systems providing tourist services. This means that if after visiting their page you buy or book something, we will receive a small reward. This reward does not increase the final price and you do not have to pay anything more than what is indicated on the site!

The recommendation applicable to any online purchases – check several sources, do not be lazy to look for the most suitable and profitable options. What’s more, searching for the best service can be fun and exciting, often with tangible financial benefits for tourists.

Important. It should be remembered that different platforms may have contracts with different service providers and under different conditions, while with some they may not have any relationship at all. This means that the same tourist service can be found on different platforms at different prices, and on some it will not be available at all. That is why it is so important to research different platforms before traveling, compare prices and look for the most suitable transport services.

Radical Storage.com

Having luggage is often a negative circumstance that prevents tourists from getting more tourist experience and freedom of movement, or visiting museums, excursions or other activities. This situation may occur if tourists have free time before checking into a hotel or transit.

It is clear that with a huge suitcase they may not be allowed into some museum, or it is inconvenient to walk around the pedestrian area.

Now there is a solution with this service, which allows you to find and book a place to store your luggage during your trip.

When you click on the link, a search form will open, and you only need to enter the destination:

After entering the destination and pressing the Search button, the system will display on the left a list of platform partners that provide luggage storage services, and on the right will show them on the map:

After choosing one or another partner and clicking on its card, you will see a page with all the details and conditions, and the prices of storage:

Having studied all the conditions, it is enough to enter in the form on the right the time of drop-off and pick-up of luggage, as well as its quantity, and click the Book now button. The system will show further actions and display the prepayment page.

Thus, the luggage problem will be solved in advance without tedious searches during the trip.


This service is designed to solve communication problems in various destinations. The fact is that depending on the place of registration of your communications provider, there may be connection problems abroad, or there may be paid roaming, which is often very expensive. There is a solution as buying a local SIM card, but in some countries this may require registration or some special permissions.

The service has several solutions for providing communication, and for different circumstances, different solutions with different tariffs can be applied: they should be studied very carefully, taking into account which country you will stay in, where you will call, from where you will receive calls, etc. .

All information is collected on the website, there is a video, a blog, a FAQ section, and a tariff guide:

It is worth noting that one of the components of a successful smart tourist is the ability to always stay in touch and online, and Drimsim helps in this.


Recently, author tours are gaining popularity, when people gather in small groups and travel under the guidance of a travel expert on completely non-standard routes and destinations.

This service helps bring providers of author tours and tourists together, it is a kind of marketplace where authors post their tours, and tourists can choose the desired tour and book it.

After going to the service website, you will see a standard search form where you need to enter the destination and the expected date of the trip:

The system will display the found tours in this place, free on the date of visit:

When you click on the selected tour, a window with details and price will open:

There is also a link on this page, by clicking on which, you can get acquainted with the author in more detail and see reviews of other tourists:

We think that there will be more of these services soon, because with the rise of smart tourism today’s tourists want more unique and personalized experiences and adventures.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as other reasons, flight delays and cancellations, missed connecting flights and other force majeure circumstances have become frequent.

However, without having a legal education and not knowing all the rules of flights, it is difficult for an ordinary tourist to receive compensation for lost time from the airline.

Compensair.com allows you to receive compensation from airlines without paperwork and red tape. It is enough to fill out a short questionnaire on the website:

After filling out the questionnaire, professionals will take care of your case, and you will not need to call or write anywhere. In fact, the platform implements online legal services.

The website is available in 17 languages, so you can easily figure out how it works and explore the service. Language selection button is on the top right:

Unfortunately, due to ignorance many tourists miss the opportunity of various compensations for the inconvenience caused by airlines, so it is important for smart tourists to know their rights and be able to use them with the help of such services.


Cloud audio guide service. Allows you to create your own audio guides for museums and cities, as well as listen to audio tours created by other tourists.

It turns a tourist’s smartphone into an audio guide that automatically works both by QR code and geolocation, in other words, it tells the right stories in the right place.

If you open any audio tour on a computer from anywhere in the world, you can go through the route in advance as a virtual tour without leaving your home:

In general, the service supports the modern idea of smart tourism, as a way of obtaining cultural and historical experience and personalized automated tourism services.


This platform is not only a ticket office offering various cruises on more than 700 cruise ships, but also a kind of social and information network where you can search for a cruise, read the opinions of other tourists, and ask your questions.

After entering the destination, you will see the results. What is very important, you can immediately see the reviews of other tourists about cruises from this place, and things to do around.

There is also another search form Find a Cruise, where you can specify not only the destination, but also the estimated date of travel:

In addition, at the very top on the left side of the page there is a Deals button, which may also be of interest to many, especially those who think that cruises are too expensive. This section displays all special price offers for various cruises:

In general, the platform provides users with complete information on cruises around the world, which allows them to choose a personal cruise that is suitable for the price and itinerary.


As we discussed earlier, the Internet provides a wide variety of travel services, and not just the search for hotels or tickets. Many additional travel services can be obtained online from the comfort of home, and it is important for a smart tourist to be aware of these innovations. This is exactly the case when new technologies do not complicate, but rather simplify the life of an ordinary tourist. Moreover, new startups, online services and platforms are constantly appearing in the field of travel, making travels more comfortable, educational and profitable.