The health and safety of both tourists and those around them is one of the components of a successful and sustainable travel.

Therefore, please observe the following rules:

  1. Do not drink water from unverified sources, or use special filters.
  2. Check online for anti-epidemic regulations before traveling.
  3. Refuse to travel to areas where a state of emergency has been declared associated with an epidemic, earthquake, war, etc. You can interfere with the fight of local authorities with the consequences of the state of emergency.
  4. Don’t travel without insurance.
  5. Follow the rules of the road, even if no one sees you. Each country has its own traffic patterns, for example, there may be right and left-hand traffic, in some countries it is allowed to turn on red, etc. Therefore, be vigilant and study the traffic rules in advance.
  6. Do not enter the zones of forest fires, and do not cause them.
  7. Don’t tease wild animals. Do not visit national parks and reserves unaccompanied.
  8. In case of emergency – contact the embassy or consulate of your country. Find out their phone numbers and address before you travel.
  9. Always fully charge your phone before going out. If there is a risk of staying away from electrical networks, you can use solar panels or various gadgets to charge.
  10. Do not get into random cars, use official taxis.
  11. Learn the emergency phone numbers of your destination before you travel.