Smart tourism technologies

Smart tourism technologies make it easy to prepare an independent trip without leaving home: search and book a hotel, buy tickets for various entertainment and activities, book a car rental and many other travel services at the best price. Below we have collected Internet platforms that allow you to do this easily and quickly.

Thanks to such technologies, the number of FIT (Fully Independent Travelers) is rapidly growing in the world. Any person without special knowledge and skills can become FIT, that is, become a Smart tourist.

If you learn how to use one of the platforms, then you will not have problems with others, because all booking platforms are arranged in much the same way. Just click on any section below and try to find the travel services you are interested in!

For a full-fledged trip, it is important to learn how to search, choose and book hotels on the Internet on your own.

Smart tourists are advised to buy tickets online because it helps organizations plan the number of visitors and avoid queues and overtourism.

In order not to get into unpleasant situations, and to know in advance how to get to the place for a small fee, you can solve all transport problems by finding the right transport and buying tickets remotely via the Internet.

Online booking allows tourists to book the necessary vehicle in advance, and transport rental companies can prepare the necessary vehicle directly for their arrival.

Visa services or online platforms allow not only to check visa information, but also to obtain a visa. In fact, these are websites of companies that offer assistance in obtaining visas for an additional fee.

More and more additional services that give comfort and confidence in travel can be booked online, and smart tourists can use them for the benefit of themselves, others, and the destination.