A lot of attention is paid to ecology all over the world, but often it remains just words.

But any tourist can do at least something to improve the environment, for example:

  1. Limit the use of plastic. For example, when shopping in a store, do not take a plastic bag, but bring your own bag or backpack. Do not buy bottled water, but use reusable dishes – a flask or something like that.
  2. Prefer low-carbon transport. It is known that land transport is much more environmentally friendly than aviation, so when moving over short distances it is better to use railways or buses. If possible, rent electric cars rather than those with internal combustion engines.
  3.    3. Do not violate the rules of waste disposal. In many countries, separate collection of waste is practiced. This is done in order to separate waste that can be recycled, and the separation takes place according to the principle of recycling technologies. For example, paper is recycled separately from metal, because metal can be melted down, but paper cannot.
  4. Do not destroy green spaces. It is known that any green spaces improve the ecological situation, but their number is reduced. Therefore, a careful and responsible attitude to any plants is necessary.
  5. Do not use paper maps and guidebooks. In the world of tourism, a huge amount of paper is used for guidebooks, maps, tickets, etc. At the same time, all this information can be obtained electronically. If tourists all over the world follow this advice, in general, more than 1 million tons of paper per year can be saved. Paper products are not only the destruction of forests, but also a lot of garbage that needs to be transported, processed, etc. For this, we have an initiative to promote paperless tourism. Read more.