News and examples of smart tourism in destinations

Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) around the world are trying to develop smart tourism in their destinations.

Often these attempts are unsystematic and random: one destination creates a new website, another launches digital advertising, a third makes 5G networks available to tourists on its territory, etc.

Unfortunately, we see few destinations where all possible tools are used that can improve communication between the destination and tourists. Practical live examples from destinations will help other destinations learn the tools and techniques for building smart tourism successfully, put them together and put them into practice.

This broad global collaboration and sharing of experience will show all DMOs around the world how they can digitally transform their work.

In this section, we provide cases and examples of what certain directions in building smart tourism do in practice and practical examples of the use of digital technologies in the work of DMO.

How destinations solve the problems of tourists with Internet access and communication with tourist offices.

How tourism destinations are agitating tourists for responsible and sustainable tourism.

How destinations solve the problems of tourist mobility and accessibility of tourist places.

The management of various tourist destinations cooperates with local tourism businesses

Digitization of tourist routes, guides, history, culture in different destinations.

News feed about smart tourism from destinations and DMOs from around the world.